Corsets are now available as a hometown tax return gift!

This time, Enchanted Corset's Kimberly and Miss Grace have become gifts for the hometown tax return program of Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture.

EnchantedCorset is manufactured in a factory in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture. When we were making our first corset, Kimberly, we had difficulty finding a sewing factory. This is because there were few factories that could make high-quality zipper-type corsets made in Japan. However, we found a factory in Kimitsu City that was happy to manufacture the corsets while maintaining our quality standards. Since then, we have added more series and the brand has grown into one that is loved by our customers. If it had not been possible for the factory in Kimitsu City to manufacture the corsets, EnchantedCorset may not have been born. We wanted to contribute to Kimitsu City, which has been so kind to us, so we decided to offer it as a thank-you gift for hometown tax donations.

Let's support Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture through hometown tax donations!

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---Product introduction---

In addition to beauty, we focused on comfort and functionality as underwear, such as being opaque and not showing through.
It is perfect for those who have felt stressed by previous corsets, as well as those trying a corset for the first time.
Black Champagne is a lustrous, sexy black. It's perfect for lifting your spirits or for nights when you want to look sexy.
Pink Champagne is a slightly dull, subtle color between beige and pink that blends well with the skin. If you're looking for something that's not see-through, this is the color for you.

[Miss Grace]
In pursuit of greater comfort, we aimed to create a lighter, softer fit than the conventional Kimberly while still providing solid correction.
It is especially recommended for brides who sit for long periods of time and for those who wear corsets for long periods of time at work.
The antique beige is accented with red, reminiscent of vintage wine served at celebratory occasions.
The lining of the white bouquet is something blue, which symbolizes the bride's purity.