Cat charity sale!

We will be holding our cat charity sale again this year, which was a big hit last year.

A portion of the sales, 100 yen per item, will be donated to support Dr. Toru Miyazaki of the AIM Medical Research Institute's research into a treatment for feline kidney disease.
[AIM Medical Research Institute website]

During this period, eligible products are up to 80% off 😲😲
This includes not only summer items you can wear right now, but also clothes you'll want to wear in the fall and winter!
Plus, we're offering new products at unprecedented discounts!
This special sale not only offers great value but also helps save cats, starting at 12:00 on Sunday, August 28th!

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AIM Research Institute, Inc. , Professor Toru Miyazaki's research into cat kidney disease medication
Regarding the Cat Charity Sale 2022

Founded in September 2017, Alyo Co., Ltd. is a small company that began out of a single room in a rundown apartment in Chitose-Funabashi.
Our company's relationship with cats began when we rescued a small kitten from behind the apartment building.

That day, I spent the first 3-4 hours at work hearing what sounded like a kitten and its mother.
However, after a while, the only sound we could hear was the kitten's cries, so we thought, "That must be strange for it to keep crying like that," and two of my employees and I went to check it out, where we found a baby calico cat at the bottom of a ditch.

A small calico cat, 180cm tall, was rescued by a firefighter from a deep ditch and placed in a cardboard box. The firefighters told him that even if they rescued him, they would have to take him to a shelter or release him back into the wild, so the firefighter said, "I'll take care of him!" and took him home.

At just four weeks old, the gutsy kitten got separated from his mother and meowed loudly for six hours straight, later being named Nekomidan.

This happened just a few weeks after the company was founded.

In the five years since then, the business has grown to three brands, the kitten I found in the ditch has grown into a fine 5kg adult cat, and I now have a total of two cats living in my home, including a black cat I adopted from a cat shelter cafe.

Our company has grown steadily together with cats.

This year marks the third charity event, including the cat charity.

Our charity projects are set with a high discount rate, without regard for profit, so that our customers can easily participate and have fun. We hope that we can give back to society in a way that our customers will be happy with.

For business reasons, we had planned to hold the event once every two years, but thanks to your support we are able to hold it again this year.

Following on from last year, we will be making donations to research led by Dr. Toru Miyazaki, who is conducting AIM medical research that will lead to the development of a treatment for feline kidney disease.
Last year, thanks to everyone's cooperation, we were able to donate a total of 1,012,000 yen.

This year too, 100 yen for each item purchased will be donated to the AIM Medical Research Institute, a general incorporated association.

Cats' kidneys begin to deteriorate from the moment they are born, and eventually develop renal failure. Thanks to AIM research, a bright future is now in sight for the treatment of renal failure, which could be considered the fate of cats.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to pick up our products and that more people will enjoy participating in charity.

Alyo Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Marika Ohashi