[Get up to 15% off using Smartpay] Smart Week starts on October 16th

"Smart Week", where you can enjoy great shopping deals, will be held from October 16th to October 29th.

Please enjoy your shopping.

What is Smartpay?

[Smart Week]

  • Contents: 2 types of coupons
    • 10% OFF coupon available to all customers
    • First-time Smartpay customers will receive a special 15% off coupon
  • Conditions: Select Smartpay as the payment method and enter the applicable promo code below. 10% or 15% off the total amount, maximum discount of 5,000 yen per payment.
  • promo code:
    • 10% OFF: smart2310
    • 15% OFF: smart2310n (One-time offer for first-time Smartpay customers)
  • Target period: Monday, October 16, 2023, 12:00 to Sunday, October 29, 2023, 23:59
  • The 10% OFF coupon can be used as many times as you like during the period.

------------------ Procedure for entering promotion code ------------------
1. Click the checkout button in the cart
2. Enter your email address at the destination page (no need to enter if you are logged in) and slide down
3. You can choose your payment method, so select [smartpay] and press the "Make payment" button at the bottom.
4. You will be redirected to the Smartpay page, where you can choose whether or not to open the app (it's okay to choose No).
5. Log in or register for Smartpay
6. After completing the above, a box for "Promotion Code" will appear. Enter it here.


Q: Is the 15% OFF coupon only available to first-time customers in the store?

A: This is a code for first-time users of Smartpay and can only be used once per customer using Smartpay for the first time, regardless of whether they have a purchase history with the store.

Q: Who can use the 10% OFF coupon?

A: This is available to all customers who pay with Smartpay.

Q: The 10% and 15% OFF coupons have a maximum discount of 5,000 yen per use, but if I use them multiple times, will the total discount be limited to 5,000 yen?

A: The maximum discount is 5,000 yen per transaction, so even if you use the service multiple times, you can receive the maximum discount of 5,000 yen each time as many times as you like. (The 15% discount is only available once for the first use.)