Enchanted Corset

Enchanted Corset is a brand that offers corrective underwear, including "Japanese-made corsets that instantly create a waistline in 10 seconds" and "girdles that aim to thoroughly correct areas of concern in the lower body, such as creating a waistline, lifting the hips, providing pelvic care, and providing rib support."

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Kimberly for those who want results!
Tighten firmly to create a sharp waistline.
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Miss Grace
Miss Grace is the highest quality line. It is a well-balanced type that has a sharp waistline and is light to wear. It is a sure choice when you are in doubt.
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*Limited time product
<br>If you want a soft, well-defined body, try Sirene. It tightens your waist firmly while creating a feminine, rounded waist.
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*Limited time product <br>Sylphid is the lightest and most breathable bra to wear. It creates a feminine waistline with aluminum, and is gentle and comfortable to wear, making it recommended for postpartum use.
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How to tighten a corset:

① Lower the ring zipper. ② Open the laces at the back as far as possible. ③ Put on the bra. ④ Put on the corset over the bra. ⑤ Lift the zipper. ⑥ Thread the ribbon through and pull it down to tighten. ⑦ Tie the ribbon.

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