2023 Cat Charity Sale + One

Alyo Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2017 as a small company that started out in one room of a rundown apartment in Chitose-Funabashi, Tokyo. The company began with a charity sale in 2019 to donate disaster relief funds to Kimitsu City, and this will be its fourth charity sale, including the current cat charity sale.

Soon after starting the business, we rescued a small calico kitten from behind our apartment building and the kitten became part of our family, which led to us starting the cat charity sale.
Starting with Miidan the calico cat, we have also welcomed Koshian, a black cat from a cat shelter cafe, into our family. Now, the two cats are helping to develop our cat hair proof apparel products as testers. Every year, we have carried out this activity as a charity for cats. In 2023, we have stepped up the campaign to become the "Cat Charity Sale + One" to support the public health center's efforts to save dogs and cats, so that we can also save dogs. I have always had the desire to save dogs if I could.

It all started when my family got a dog from a shelter when I was a child. My family told me that all the dogs at the shelter knew their fate and were desperately crying out to humans for help. I was shocked as a child.

I thought that animals could not understand the situation they were in like humans. The fact that dogs feel the same fear of death as humans made my heart ache. Among them, one female mixed breed sat on the edge of the cage as if she had given up and just stared at us. She probably understood everything, but she just quietly stared at the humans outside the cage. We named her Chai and she lived in our home for 12 years. She was a very quiet and gentle dog who was considerate of humans until the end.

Cat Charity + One will be held in the form of a donation to Lifeboat, an NPO that works to protect dogs and cats at public health centers.
We approached them as a donation recipient because they regularly disclose financial reports and operate with a high level of transparency. We will donate 100 yen for each item purchased in the charity sale. Our charity projects are set with a high discount rate that ignores profits so that customers can easily participate and have fun.
We hope to give back to society in a way that our customers can be happy with. Our charity is a festival.
We hope that you will feel free to pick up our products and that more people will be able to enjoy participating in charity in a casual way.

Alyo Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Marika Ohashi