Product handling and washing instructions

Regarding all products Each product has different washing instructions, so please check the tag inside the item you purchased and be sure to follow the washing instructions.
*Please note that if the product is damaged or frayed due to not following the washing instructions or handling instructions, it will not be covered by the warranty.

For products that use polyurethane (spandex material),
Please handle with care, paying attention to the following:
When washing with water, avoid rubbing too hard.
(The elasticity may change in some areas.)

・When washing in a washing machine, be sure to use a laundry net.
(To avoid deformation due to "twisting" of the product)

・Do not use chlorine bleach or chlorine detergents.
・For dry cleaning, petroleum-based products are better.
・Please avoid using steam irons or tumble drying.
(This may cause product shrinkage.)

・If the material is a polyester blend (dark color), dry cleaning may cause staining of light colored parts.
・Do not leave the product wet or soak it in water as this may cause hydrolysis and deterioration.
- As it is sensitive to ultraviolet rays, be sure to dry it in the shade.
About (Polyurethane material)
Please be careful when handling products that use stretchy polyurethane material so that they can be worn by people with larger busts.

- Polyurethane (spandex material) has the tendency to deteriorate over time (deterioration starts from the time of manufacturing, not from the time you begin wearing it).
・Deterioration may be accelerated by the wearing environment and conditions, washing (cleaning) conditions, etc.
1. Effects of ultraviolet rays (from sunlight, etc.)
2. Effects of chlorine
3. Effects of sweat, sebum, body oil, etc.
4. Effects of mold
There are various factors that cause deterioration, such as the above, and deterioration occurs due to the combined action of these factors and physical effects such as stretching.

Although polyurethane (spandex) is a highly stretchable material, it is also prone to deterioration, so depending on how you handle it, it may deteriorate after just a few wears.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please handle with care.
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