Fabric Jewelry

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Description of item

🌹Fabric Jewelry🌹
Introducing limited-edition fabric jewelry that can change the look of your clothes or scarf just by threading it through!
If you thread it through the ribbon of a simple dress such as a campanula dress, it will create a glamorous party look, and if you thread it through a twilly, it will easily create a sophisticated look.

*Please handle with care as it is made of delicate material.
*Please be aware that people with allergies or those in poor health may develop a rash.
*Please note that due to the nature of the product, there may be small scratches of approximately 2 mm on the metal, fake pearls, and bijoux.
*Please note that due to the nature of the product, there may be about 2 mm of glue sticking out or the decorations may be misaligned by about 2 mm.
*Please note that the color of the product image may vary depending on your device and monitor settings.

Material: Alloy

Feature Description

- Can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a scarf, waist ribbon for a dress, or hat - Comes with sparkling jewels and fake pearls

Size Chart

size Inside diameter (bar part)
Dot Pearl
Pentagon Pearl
Circle Bijou
Ivy 2.7
Canola 3.0
sign 3.2
coil 3.0
Butterfly Pearl 3.3
Oval 3.5
Double Circle 2.7
Square Bijou 1.9
Circle Pearl 2.4
Diamond Pearl 2.4