[Basic Line] Cotton Straight Pants

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Description of item


[Basic line] casual flare skirt
A light flare skirt that is easy to match with sneakers and T -shirts has appeared
Volume is hard to affect silhouettes even if you put things in your pocket, for security measures ◎ 
Rubber is used for half the back of the waist. It can be washed and hard to wrinkle, so I don't need an iron. With a magical pocket.

Fabric growth★☆☆☆☆
West growth★★★★☆
It's hard to wrinkle★★★★☆
Lining ... None * There is lining only off
Washing machine washing possible

Material: 100% polyester
Lining (off -white only) 100% polyester

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size Total Length Waist
S 75 57~83
M 77 63~89
L 79 69~95


Feature Description

・ Because the waist part is solid, the fabric of the waist is hard to break.
・ Light comfort
・ Design that does not affect the silhouette even if you put something in your pocket with a skirt with a volume
・ The back of the waist is half the use of rubber with a high elasticity. With easy -to -wear side concealed zipper
・ With a magical pocket with 600ml plastic bottles.