This is the highest quality line in the series themed on Grace Kelly's wedding, with a balanced design that creates a sharp waistline yet is soft. Of the sharp types, this is the gentlest to wear, and is recommended for those who want to tighten their ribs or tighten their underbust, as well as those who sit for long periods of time and brides. The chandelier-inspired lace prevents your clothes from riding up.
The back of the white bouquet is robin's egg blue, while the antique beige is decorated with vintage wine red back lace.

Enchanted Corset

Made in Japan Miss Grace

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Description of item

Miss Grace is the latest addition to the Enchanted Corset range.
In pursuit of greater comfort, we aimed to create a lighter, softer fit than the conventional Kimberly while still providing solid correction.

It is especially recommended for brides who sit for long periods of time and for those who wear corsets for long periods of time at work.

The antique beige is accented with red, reminiscent of vintage wine served at celebratory occasions.

The lining of the white bouquet is something blue, which symbolizes the bride's purity.

Material: Lace, nylon, polyurethane

Body: Polyester, polyurethane, other

Utility model right acquired / Trademark No. 2019-082780 acquired

Size Chart

size Total Length Waist (full closure)
XXS twenty three 50~63(46)
XS twenty three 64~68(50)
S twenty three 69~73(53)
M twenty three 74~78(56)
L twenty three 79~83(60)
XL twenty three 84~89(66)
XXL twenty three 90~95(69)

*Waist size is not the product size.
Please check the nude size of the wearer.
*The waist value on the product tag may differ from the waist value on the My Size Diagnosis (recommended size chart), but please rest assured that we will send you the most suitable size.
*Full closure is a guideline and may vary depending on the wearer.

Feature Description

- The durable zipper has a ring slider. You can easily put it on and take it off by hooking your finger on the ring, so it's easy to put on and take off on busy mornings or when you want to take it off quickly.

-24 bones are used.
- The lace-ups are made of thin, shiny satin ribbon.
- Bones are sewn in for a smooth surface. It won't show through tight clothing.
- It fits better and does not hit the pelvis. It creates a more voluptuous body line rather than a straight line. You can squat and sit without pain.
・The length is tailored to suit Japanese people. Recommended for those who have had trouble with their chest being pushed up by lingerie that is too long.
・The back flip is made of soft stretch lace. Even if the flip gets crumpled, it won't show through your clothes.

About ribbons and lace-ups

If you want to replace the laces, please refer to the lace-up instructions here.

Ribbon length (cm)
XXS:450 XS:460 S:470 M:480 L:490 XL:550 XXL:550



S 66-70cm(ウエスト)