This is a curved type with a rounded waist, and the theme is a supple mermaid body line. The power net (mesh material) is highly breathable and covers the lower abdomen. Recommended for those who want both firming power and comfort. It features a sea-themed dull tone color that is not see-through, and a romantic design with chemical lace.

Enchanted Corset

Sirene (Made in Japan)

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Description of item

The mermaid-inspired Sirene is now available in a limited quantity in pure white!
The stone meaning of white jade, which can be found on the beaches of Japan, is "purity and peace" and "success and prosperity." Pure white lingerie is perfect for those who want to make a new start or refresh their mind.
It is also recommended as bridal lingerie.
This curve-type corset not only functions as corrective underwear, being opaque and non-visible, but is also lightweight and comfortable to wear, with an emphasis on delicate beauty.
Made with highly stretchable power net, it creates a firm waistline and a feminine, rounded body line.
The length is longer than the sharper Kimberly and Miss Grace models, so it can provide excellent correction for tall people or those with concerns about their lower abdomen.
It is lightweight yet provides excellent correction, making it perfect for beginners to intermediate corset wearers.
A romantic design with chemical lace sandwiched between sheer fabric in subtle colors.
The back is also in the same color scheme, giving it a cute and lovely look. Try it out to get a smooth body line like a mermaid.

Size Chart

size Total Length Waist (full closure)
XXS 28.7 50~62(43)
XS 28.7 63~67(45)
S 28.7 68~72(49)
M 28.7 73~78(52)
L 28.7 79~84(55)
XL 28.7 85~90(63)
XXL 28.7 91~96(65)

*Waist size is not the product size.
Please check the nude size of the wearer.
*The waist value on the product tag may differ from the waist value on the My Size Diagnosis (recommended size chart), but please rest assured that we will send you the most suitable size.
*Full closure is a guideline and may vary depending on the wearer.

Feature Description

・New summer limited edition colors are now available for the ever popular Sirene!
・18 bones were used.
- With 8 holes, it is even more comfortable and smooth to wear.
-Since it uses mesh material (power net), it is cooler and less stuffy than conventional products.
- The zipper is made of the highest quality YKK zipper with a ring slider. You can easily put it on and take it off by hooking your finger on the ring.
・We used thin, shiny satin ribbon for the lace-up, so it won't show through your clothes.
-It is designed to fit better and not hit the pelvis.
・The back flip is made of soft stretch lace. Even if the flip gets crumpled, it won't show through your clothes.
-The ribbon is shorter, making it easier to tie.

*The product you receive may appear smaller, but it stretches when worn.

Utility model patent acquired

How to tie a ribbon

Ribbon Length

XXS:450 XS:460 S:470 M:480 L:490 XL:550 XXL:550



S 66-70cm(ウエスト)