Made in Japan [24 BY] Light Pile Set

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Description of item

We are developing the "24-hour dress" that can be worn 24 hours a day for a comfortable, beautiful bust.
A relaxation wear brand with breast-beautifying correction functions.

This is made for women with larger busts who have not been able to find a suitable size in commercially available cupped clothing until now.

From the 24-hour series with beautiful bust cups that keep your bust perky and beautiful, the new "24-hour Light Pile Set" is now available, offering a more relaxed fit.

It feels more natural to wear than a non-wired dress and gives your bust a beautiful, natural shape!

The power net helps prevent shoulder stiffness even when carrying a heavy bust, and the lift-up (back area) prevents the bust from drifting to the sides.

◎The light series is less constricting , making it easier to wear every day!
◎The fabric is made of luxurious pile .
The towel-like fabric is soft to the touch and has excellent absorbency!
◎It feels like you're wrapped in a branded towel, yet looks neat.

The slit skirt that comes with the set is stretchy and easy to walk in, making it perfect for days when you want to look ladylike.
This is a versatile set that can be worn not only for remote meetings but also when going out on the town. Pair it with simple accessories for a mature look.

Like the CINEMATIQ series, it can be washed at home by placing it in a net , and it comes with a magical pocket that can hold a long wallet or a 600ml PET bottle!
You can go out empty-handed with just your wallet and smartphone.
This is the perfect outfit for those who want to be comfortable and look beautiful at the same time!

*The lining is black.

Material: 40% cotton/40% rayon (modal)/20% polyester

Feature Description

・Naturally shapes glamorous breasts
・Set up (skirt)
・Terry cloth (pile) for a comfortable fit ・Lift-up on the back of the cup prevents breasts from sliding sideways
-Slits make it easy to walk in -No wires but the cup tape keeps your bust line in place
・Magical pocket ・Outer: Black Lining: Black

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Please note.

*This product comes with cups, so please be sure to check the size chart for underbust and cup size.
*We cannot accept exchanges due to incorrect size etc. *The torso in the photo is wearing size 9, M
*When washing and ironing, always follow the product's washing instructions.
*Please be careful when washing or getting wet in the rain with products that are prone to fading.
*We cannot accept returns or exchanges for defects caused by washing or ironing in violation of the washing instructions or the cautions of our shop. Please note.
*There may be some fraying or loose threads on the inside, but please understand that this does not affect the wearability of the item.
* Please note that the color of the product image may vary depending on the device and monitor environment you are using.

Bra cup size chart

  65 70 75
K - L L

[S] Bust: 88-95cm
[M] Bust: 95-103cm
[L] Bust: 98-110cm