Juwan Oil Essence

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🌿Juwan Oil Serum🌿
Contains 99% natural ingredients. Juwan's original oil serum blends well with both skin and hair. Focusing on the natural fatty acid balance of human sebum, it contains four types of oils: horse oil*1, jojoba seed oil*1, squalane*1, and hydrogenated farnesene*1 derived from sugar cane. *1 Emollient ingredients Juwan Natural Oil was created by blending four carefully selected oils in a unique design that is close to the composition of human sebum. Because it is designed to be close to sebum, it blends well with the skin, penetrates the stratum corneum firmly, and leaves the skin soft and moisturized. In addition, each oil ingredient works on the skin in a balanced way to support the barrier function. In addition to moisturizing the whole body, we recommend using it as a bare skin cleanser (or as a makeup remover in combination with a facial cleanser) once or twice a week on areas where roughness is a concern. Juwan's original oil moisturizes the skin and leads to a lustrous skin, and can be used as a beauty oil as well as an oil cleanser to care for dark pores. It can be used by people of all ages, so the whole family can use it together. It comes in a generous 100ml bottle.

Juwan Natural Oil

(Skin treatment oil)

Capacity: 100mL

Made in Japan

[ how to use ]

【skin care】
After preparing your skin with lotion, take a 500 yen coin-sized amount onto your hand and spread it evenly over your skin. You can use it on your hair and entire body.

Take an appropriate amount on dry hands and rub it all over your face, then wash it off with a cleansing lotion or face wash. It is also recommended for treating blackheads, removing light makeup, and as a replacement for morning face washing.

Ingredients: Horse oil, Jojoba seed oil, Hydrogenated farnesene*2
Tocopherol Fragrance

*2 Derived from sugarcane *3 Sugar squalane

Feature Description
Skin care oil serum with a relaxing herbal scent. Contains over 99% natural ingredients.
This natural oil can be used on the whole body for moisturizing, blackhead care, and cleansing.
Mineral oil free, silicone free, colorant free, alcohol free, surfactant free, paraben free