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Made in Japan Perfect Line Bra

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✨Perfect Line Bra✨

After 3 years in development, the non-wired bra for corsets is finally here!
The bust top is high and the underbust is long. The high support at the sides holds down the flesh with a wide surface, and even though it is non-wired, it keeps the back and sides in place.
Gather the flesh pushed up by the corset into the cups to create the perfect body line.
Suitable for D to L cups

Material: Nylon, polyester (composite fiber)

* As this is underwear, we cannot accept returns or exchanges after trying it on .
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Feature Description

-Deep lace makes the bust look elegant and beautiful -Thick straps that don't dig in -Easy-to-adjust front adjuster -Cup structure that lifts and gathers the bust top -Bust lace is made into a cache-coeur to fit any bust and create a beautiful bust -Longer length fully covers the bust flow and suppresses the flesh under the bust for a well-defined bust effect. No gaps are visible even when wearing a corset -Strong fabric that doesn't give in to flesh lifts the bust and holds down the flesh at the sides of the bust without letting it escape -Two power coil bones + strong fabric holds down the side flesh with a surface to flatten the sides -Back lace holds down the flesh on the back for a clean, stepless back