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Description of item

This is a premium super high waist girdle made by a corset maker that will give you a slimmer waist and rib care.
We aimed to thoroughly correct areas of concern in the lower body, such as slimming the waist, lifting the hips, caring for the pelvis, and supporting the ribs.
In response to an enthusiastic request from customers for a long girdle that would provide the comfort of a Flutter Girdle but also cover the stomach/buttocks/thighs, we have finally brought this product to market after a year of product development.
This ultra-high waist girdle covers all the way up to the ribs, not only keeping your lower abdomen flat but also preventing your stomach from getting cold.
The boning is based on the technology of corsets, which provides strong correction, so it provides firm support for your body line at 360 degrees. We also paid special attention to making sure the waist does not crease easily, so you can wear it comfortably.
We combined several types of high-quality Japanese fabrics with different tensions and sewed them in Japan. We focused on achieving the ideal balance of compression: firm around the stomach and waist, rounded and upward around the hips, and easy to slip on like a pair of shorts.
This is recommended for days when you want to take care of your body in a more casual way rather than wearing a corset.

Black is a versatile color that goes with any underwear. It's also great for days when you want to look slimmer.


If you want a color that is not see-through, beige is the perfect color to match with light-colored clothes.

✴︎Limited Deep Red✴︎
Limited edition deep red. We chose a beautiful deep red. It is said that this deep red is not see-through even when paired with a white shirt, regardless of skin color.

It's a fun color to pair with a red bra to match the tone, or with lingerie in black, white, or gray.

material :

■Lower body
Nylon: 79.1%
Polyurethane: 20.9%

Gusset lining: 100% cotton

■ Nylon lining: 60%
Polyurethane: 40%

■ Upper body nylon: 71.8%
Polyurethane: 28.2%

■ Belly support nylon: 78.8%
Polyurethane: 21.2%

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Feature Description

・A top-quality high-waisted girdle that gives you a slimming waist, lifts your hips, cares for your pelvis, and supports your ribs, all in one piece → Triple structure holds your lower abdomen firmly in place · Boning is used like a corset to reduce the uncomfortable turning-up and folding of the waist that is common with girdles · Powerful power net lifts the flesh on your buttocks, leading to rounder, perky hips.
- The thigh area uses a comfortable hem material that is less likely to show through. - The crotch area is made of 100% cotton that is gentle on the skin and can be worn alone like shorts. - The uniquely designed pressure balance keeps the thighs neat and reduces tightness. - Even though it is a high-waisted type, it is easy to put on and take off! Overcoming the negative points of girdles

Size Chart

size Total Length Waist Hip Hem Thigh
S 48.5 57~65 83~93 39~48
M 49.5 66~72 86~96 41~50
L 51 73~79 89~99 43~52
LL 51.5 80~86
91~103 45~54